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Where I started

A Web Developer since 1998

A fantastic tool is available for you to review websites....

find it here -

web developer since 1998

Here is a link to my original website, my goals and philosophy has not changed, I have continued to invest many hours of education, investment in development of my skills

  • in Marketing (Mal Emery & StreetSmart Business School, Frank Kern, Brendon Berchard & multiple online courses),
  • Copywriting (following and learning from the Grandfather in COPY -Dan Kennedy-, Australia's own Pete Godfrey, Bret Thompson and his weapon CopySniper, CopyBlogger a super resource of idea's, HubSpot & multiple online courses - there are so many great resources online),
  • Web development/ Basic Graphics (PaladinIT - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & online courses),
  • Coaching (Mentors, Intuitive & life experience)

Tap into the best from the best and be guided in ONE LOCATION.

Available NOW for you to access via direct one to one service. Put simply - a conversation where I download idea's from my database of knowledge to you. I am a Web Development Coach - What we create - it is 'more than just a website' - it is a complete system that encompasses many things and I deliver multiple skills to assist your journey so it is smooth and not as bumpy. Tap into my skillset for your personal gain -

Yes that may sound a little weird, however there is no simple way to explain that once we start on a conversation and I tune into you, your thoughts, your words, you desires, wants and needs; the idea's come flowing through on the possibilities customised to your business. You can test this out with my 'NO COST TO YOU' strategy call. Or you can purchase an invaluable yet very affordable full detailed report of findings and steps to implement. This sets you up for the next 6 months maybe even 12, with step by step goals to achieve when you engage my services.

My report of findings is the starting point with all clients who engage in my services, as we need a full understanding of where you are at, what you are doing, where you want to go, what works, what doesn't work, how can you be more effective in what you do, can you apply it or do you need to outsource to someone who has the skills in this area. This becomes your Action Strategy Plan.

Don't waste your valuable time doing something that is not in your area of expertise, get someone who can do it quickly, efficiently and more important cost effectively (as the bottom dollar always counts).



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