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Expert in Health Matters Sandy Simmons

who is Sandy

An Entrepreneur, a leading natural Nutritionist and international Author, Sandy B Simmons is Founder of The Truth Farm and Creator of Simply Better Health. 
Upholding her vision for each human to know who they truly are, in being a part of the whole, Sandy gathers the conscious collective to initiate a dis-ease free world.  She consults and speaks to our global community to create simply better ways forward.
A change maker, Sandy shares her expansive knowledge alongside her ancient and modern wisdom, enabling humanity to ride the dynamic waves of vitality in our ever changing world.
Sandy’s mission is to regenerate and shine light towards the future of global health for the next generation and beyond, through the catalysts of education, self-responsibility, environmental preservation and innovative strategies.
Creating space for individuals to find within and without who they truly are!  Through self-responsibility, commitment to a vital life, nature based education and shared values; a transformation into peace, harmony, living heaven on earth and endearing endless possibilities arrives…  

enabling an experiential life that inspires the human spirit! 

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