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Create Compelling Content

Creating Compelling Google friendly content

that works well on the web and is Optimised

There is a few topics in the heading alone...

  • Creating Compelling Content - how

  • Content that Works - what does this mean

  • Content that is Optimised. - SEO friendly

Compelling Content - if you have what they want, if you explain it clearly, they will want it. Does it meet their needs, wants, desires. Does it solve their problem, most importantly HAVE YOU TOLD THEM!
 It is common that people (even family) are not aware of what you do, because we are so scared to tell people what we do as they might judge you or say "Oh that won't work" or something... and that is ok. It is important to share your passion because that is a big part of your WHY.
People seem to keep what they do a close and guarded secret because others might 'take their stuff' - hmm yeah it happens often - however you still need to connect with a person (like attracks like) so even tho they do exactly what you do, does not meant anything as one person will connect with your story over the other person doing exactly what you are.
Ok... so imagine this for me,
A visitor lands on your website and this visitor could make a difference to the success of what you offer. They are short on time and can't be bothered poking around (they might be on a mobile so is your site mobile friendly?)
Your visitor is trying to figure out what you are all about and how you can help them. They see an option to call you and they prefer to speak to a human (shock horror - some people still do) so here comes the phone call, they are asking you to explain what you do. (Have you got your 4 second speal ready)

What do you tell them?

It would probably be your essential information and how you can relate to and understand their problem, options for solving the problem, examples of how you can help, and explanations of why you perfectly meet their needs, right? And I am thinking that you would speak with passion (which makes it compelling naturally).
I call this 'people speak', it connects you, your story and your WHY. So to write this down like you are face to face, person to person, right to the individual and connect with them. Tell me what it is you can do to help me..... plain english, straight up.... Then you can add some sales spin to it afterwards with the other components that assist make points jump out etc on the website, newsletter, blog post, social media post.... wherever you have this content located.
Basic IMPORTANT point of this message is that Google wants you to share what you do in people speak within the content on your site. It is filled with keywords, search terms of what your 'ideal client' is searching for. This is CONTENT OPTIMISATION which when done correct will bring your website infront of those looking for what you offer... as long as you have told them that is. So where are you at with sharing your message?
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